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Ashley Henley Chase

Wedding Client, Stage Manager and Producer

    I have known Brendan for many years and could not speak more highly of him. He started working as a student volunteer and was quick to jump in and learn whatever he didn't know in order to be the best he could be for the team. He always devoted his time willingly and passionately to each project. Before long, he became a go-to hire. His willingness to learn has made him a jack of all trades when it comes to production, making him a versatile and invaluable member for any team. Brendan's passion, communication, dedication, and work ethic far surpass many professionals I work with.


    Most recently, I was blessed enough to have Brendan be my day-of coordinator for my wedding. As a professional stage manager and production manager marrying a fellow stage manager - it was integral we have a trustworthy team to make our wedding day a worry-free, memorable experience. Boy did Brendan deliver! Not once during our day did my husband or I worry about if something was being taken care of. Our vendors were paid, the wedding began on time, decor was set up to perfection... every detail I passed on to Brendan was executed to perfection. Our guests had nothing but glowing remarks for their wedding experience. Brendan truly is the BEST.

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