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About Brendan...


What started back in the small tech booth of Brendan's middle school, putting on The Little Mermaid Jr., has now turned into a lifelong passion for producing some of the most spectacular and memorable productions in the world.


From managing on the stage, to coordinating behind the scenes, Brendan brings an unwavering dedication to the art of stage management and production. No matter the show, Brendan guarantees a passionate, dedicated, and innovative leader. These four words guide everything he does in his career and how he carries himself daily.

The theater was where Brendan's roots as a stage manager grew and laid not just the foundation for his skills and knowledge, but still serves as a primary resource for the way he carries himself on the job. Strong organizational desire, thriving under pressure, a caring relationship manager, and a creative eye are just a few of the unique skills and experiences he gained as a theatrical stage manager. Brendan's other experiences in unique production settings allowed him to gain a new level of flexibility, adaptability, and thinking on his toes. These changes allowed him to bring fresh skills and pair them with his roots, making Brendan as versatile as a stage manager can be.

With each show, he has gained yet another skill, innovative idea, and knowledge; all tools he brings with him to future productions. Starting in a small lighting booth in his middle school's theater, Brendan learned how to bring a story to life. Every production tells a unique story, one that he, as a stage manager, has the pleasure of helping bring to life.

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